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Rating: Unrated
Genre: Utility
Release Version:  0.9.1
Status: Complete
Download Size: 1.3MB (installer)
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.:What on earth is that computer thinking?

We've all had it happen - sometimes the computer just decides it wants to be lazy. Other times of course, it manages to get itself genuinely bogged down. But how do you tell?

Dynamics is a stylish gadget made to display realtime processor load and RAM use, as well as temperature data in a clear, uncluttered way. Unlike a typical gadget which is built especially for Windows Vista, Dynamics has been built with Windows XP users in mind (while still working with Vista). 

Curious about how much your computer is thinking about? Don't bother opening up the task manager, just glance over to the side of the screen and it's right there for you.

Unlike many other monitoring tools, Dynamics is based on simplicity. We've done away with all of the unnecessary features allowing for a clean interface that displays what you need without the extra baggage. At the same time, we've also added some new touches, namely temperature readings. Ever wondered just how hot your computer can get? It's all right here.

Dynamics also has some unique display options to help it suit your needs. For those who prefer temperatures in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit - there's an option. We've even added an option for reading temperatures in Kelvin for those who want to show off how their computer can run at "313 degrees". There are also options for modifying the transparency of the program if it needs to be hidden or made clearer for certain situations. Finally, one can also modify the refresh rate of the data shown - anywhere from 2 seconds to literally 1/30 of a second. Try using the program with different refresh settings, you may be surprised at how your computer actually thinks.


Dynamics Main ScreenDynamics Alpha Comparison


"[I]t's just what I've been looking for. It looks really stylish and fits my needs. 10/10 I rarely give something a 10 but you really deserve [it]!" - TomHash (SN), 64Digits Member

"It is cool...and does what it says, as well as its sexy looking. ^_^ 10/10" - Coffee (SN), Founder of Coffee Stained Games

"Wow that's awesome. 10/10 [I]t's really well made." - Theodore III (SN), 64Digits Member